Cleanin’ Crew

So. This week. Went by. So fast. It feels like this transfer just started. And now it’s week five of six.

Monday, we did the usual P-day shenanigans, frisbee and volleyball, shopping and the like.

Tuesday, we had district meeting at the Laguna Beach building because the Stake Center parking lot was being re-done that week. I played a hymn on the guitar for the closing hymn, it was If You Could Hie to Kolob. Then we had a lesson with a less-active, we got together and read Jacob 5 with her. We usually go over every week and read with her in the Book of Mormon, and she started to read on her own, but then got to that chapter and well… even I still have trouble with that one. But the lesson went well and she felt the spirit.

Wednesday we helped with some service, helping someone that recently moved in organize her stuff. There were like, 8 Elders there and we got work done! Cleanin’ Crew, comin’ through!

Thursday, we spent nearly the whole day trying to track down some former investigators that haven’t been responding lately, and no such luck was found 😦 But, we saw another less-active that we work with, and had a great lesson with her. Towards the end, her older son walked in and sat with us through the end of the lesson. He knows a lot about the Bible, and was really nice. His girlfriend is a recent convert up in Irvine, so he’s been to church a bunch up there. Hopefully we can start working with him too.

Friday, weekly planning day, metric tons of fun. I forgot what I was going to write about, crazy library people seem to feel like I’m a listening ear today. But, it was a good day, we met with the Ward Mission Leader and coordinated for the next week or so.

Saturday, the whole Zone went up to Newport Beach to help clean the temple! It was so cool. The temple usually asks the mission to help when they close every six months for the deep cleaning. It’s amazing, because we get to see cool parts of the temple. And I saw some members from my greenie area.

Sunday was super great as always, we had a 5th Sunday meeting all about preparing for natural disasters. There was a couple that was in the Tokyo earthquake with their 5 kids, and they talked all about what they had done to prepare, and the revelation they got in the months before the disaster. It was super cool to hear them talk about their experiences, and another reminder that the Lord is in the details of our lives.

That’s about all for this week folks!
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom


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