Talofa Fam!

This past week has been full of miracles!

We met with our investigator Renee on Tuesday for the first time, and set a baptismal date for the 25th! It’s exciting and awesome to see someone make progress in following the Savior. This was the first lesson we had with her, she had been taught by the previous Elders though. We decided to pass her off to the Sisters because they will be able to relate to her better. She’s 19 and has a 3 year old son, so we figured it would be better all around if they taught her.

Then, we met with another investigator, Touttou. He is from Laos, and he has lots of questions about a lot of things. We are still trying to get him to come to church, and with the time change that should be easier.

Okay. Miracle story. We got a phone call from this guy named James. He asked us to come pray with him, and we went over, but we didn’t have his apartment number, so we stood outside for an hour to see if he would come out. He didn’t, but the next night, he called us again, and we got the unit number this time. We went over and he had been asking for a blessing, so we gave him one. He told us his story, that he had met with the missionaries four years ago, and was about to be baptized, but he had a Dr. Pepper the day before his baptism, and they had been telling him that caffeine was against the word of wisdom. He told them, and they flipped out and said he couldn’t get baptized, and the bishop said the same thing, that they would have to cancel the baptism and move it back. He just called the whole thing off after that, and hadn’t seen the missionaries for a few years until he called us! We taught him the Restoration, and he remembered a lot of it and asked when he could get baptized! WHAT?!

So. Awesomeness. Things are happening here in Cali.

That’s about it for this week.
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

  1. Views of the beach in San Clemente
  2. Probably the best sunset picture I have taken
  3. My desk
  4. Our kitchen
  5. Our awesome couch. It’s so comfy it’s dangerous!

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Returning to Newport

It’s Transfers and I’m…………………………………

Going back to Newport Beach! (I’m actually there right now. They changed a few things with transfers)
I’m in the Southcoast ward now, and my companion is Elder Cheever. We both got transferred here today, but he has served here before and knows a lot of people in the area.

It was a little bitter-sweet leaving the area so soon, I was 90% sure I was going to stay. Elder Tracy also left, he is in Mission Lake now. And Elder Janson is staying for another transfer in San Clemente. He will have been there for 9 months at the end of this new transfer!

I’m excited to be back in Newport, even though all the missionaries here are different, and I’m in a different area, but it just feels right being here again. It’s kinda weird sitting in the same library I emailed in every week as a greenie. Some of the same homeless people are here. They said hi and welcome back lol!

Well. Not sure what this week holds, but I’m excited!

Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

HAPPY 2017 FAM!!

“Glad 2016 is over, I wish I could kill it with fire.” – a lovely quote from over the pulpit on Sunday, which I feel really captures the spirit of the season. Man California is so different.

2016 was a great year for me, all but 20 days were spent in missionary service, and I’m sure that if I came home now, I would be a very different person than the one who left. I’ve been stretched and pulled and pushed, lots of times in places or directions that I didn’t want to go at first, but looking back on my experience so far, I can say for sure that I have been changed for the better.

Let’s do it all over again, shall we?

I’m looking forward this next year with a lot of anticipation and I’m sure that by the end, I’m going to be a very different person than I am now. Let’s just hope it’s in a good way 😀

Love you, miss you, see you next year,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom