Well, just another week in beautiful San Clemente!

I love it here. It’s one of the last true Surf towns in So Cal. The weather is great, there’s tons of cool surf shops to check out on P-day, and the members are all super cool. Like, all of them.

This week was amazing. We had a baptism Saturday for a Marine named Kevin. He had been learning about the Church since he was 15, but his parents wouldn’t give him permission to join until he was 18. He turned 18 while on Camp Pendleton, and we got permission to baptise him (since usually we don’t get to baptise the marines there because they are only there for a short time.) I promise I will send pictures next week, I just don’t have my camera with me right now. I’ll see if my comp can send you a picture, though.

Some of you have asked what kind of things we do on base. In a typical week, we go on base a couple times. On Tuesday, the Marines graduate, so we go and support them at the ceremony (which I will record for you tomorrow), and then on Sunday we go at around 3 to give the Sacrament to the Marines on the range. We only do this every other week, and this week it was cancelled, so I still haven’t done this part yet. Then, we go back at about 5:30 – 6 to set up for Sacrament in the chapel, where we teach afterwards and then a different ward in the Stake brings dinner for us and the Marines. We end up teaching quite a few people there, and it’s a good way to stay fresh on your teaching skills.

Well, that’s about it fam!
Love you, miss you, Christmas coming soon,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom


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