Drum Roll Please!

*Drum roll*

It’s transfers and I’m…………………………………………………..

Leaving Laguna Hills 2nd Ward and headed to…………………………….

CAMP PENDLETON!!!!! The area is called S.O.I. (School of Infantry) It’s in San Clemente, so there will be a big change of scenery, and the missionaries in that Zone are awesome to boot. I haven’t heard if we will be double-covering another family ward, but that is what has typically been done in the past. Y’all will know by next week I guess! I’m going to be in a trio again, helping to finish a new missionaries training.
One peculiarity about the area is that when we are on the base (which will be most of the time, seeing as we will be doing lots of service there) they don’t let us wear name tags or proselyting clothes, so I’m gonna need to get more t-shirts… 😀

So, this past week, lots of stuff happened.
First and foremost, we had Thanksgiving with a member who is an AMAZING cook. I’m still drooling over the food. She had her daughters-in-laws​ there, and they are all non-members. A few of them got a bit tipsy, but they were all very nice and considerate. We played bingo and hot potato with an orange with a bunch of grandmas. Great night! I did miss seeing all my family, running around with my little cousins, and the home-made root beer, but it was still a good night.

Then, we had a Zone Training Meeting, where they showed us a new video that the church came out with for the Christmas season. I’ll put the link down at the bottom, but you should all go watch the video. It’s all about service, and there is a video advent calendar that goes along with it.
In Ward Council on Sunday, the video was introduced and we discussed ways to get the ward involved, and the video was shown in every classroom THAT DAY. It was really great to see the ward so readily adopt a new initiative and get things rolling.

And then, we got a call about transfers and I’ve been losing my mind, packing and un-packing and re-packing all my stuff. Packing and I have yet to come to a mutual understanding. Wish me luck!

Well, that just about does it for me this week! I’ll talk to you next week when I’ve settled in to my next area!

Love you, miss you,
Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

P.S. Here’s the link to that video: Light the World.


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