Last Week on My Life as a Missionary

Elder Ahlstrom and his companion Elder Mann got yelled at by an aged man who proceeded to throw country pork rinds at the pair of them for knocking on his door.
Then, they were invited to the yearly Elders and High Priests soft ball game, and nobody kept score so we will never know who won (It was the Elders).

Okay, I can’t keep listing off highlights. There weren’t too many noteworthy things that happened this week, we’ve just been pluggin along and doin’ lots of service. It’s been great.

This week we are having a zone conference in Irvine, and our area authority is coming to do a mission tour. I’m looking forward to learning a lot, and we’ve all been fasting for our questions to be answered by this zone conference, so we all hope to see miracles.

Well, that’s all for this week!


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