Captain’s Blog, entry 63.

It’s yet another week here in this strange paradise. The sun goes down earlier and earlier here in the Laguna Hills, cutting into our tracting time. People still seem to use the sun to tell time, even though they have phones and watches. Oh California… 🙂
This week we met with our investigator Katie, and made lots of progress. One of the ward missionaries was there, Brother Goodfellow. He was super helpful, because at certain points of the visit I had no idea where to take the conversation and he just stepped in and really made a big difference.
Elder Hanks and I are still getting along as great as ever, and we have made a special effort to teach with unity this next transfer. Can’t wait!
We have been exercising our green thumbs recently. Elder Starr is a garden-and-plant extraordinaire, and a less active in his last ward gave him a venus fly trap and an aloe vera plant. We have found both of them to be pretty useful. Bye bye flies and sunburns!
Well, that’s all that comes to mind this week.
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

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