Tracting with a ‘Greenie Fire’ and a Ward Fast

Well hello there!
This past week has been so awesome! Elder Hanks and I have been poundin the pavement like crazy! We tracted out an entire neighborhood this week and found five potential investigators. It’s been a huge blessing and miracle to see how the Lord rewards faithful effort. Elder Hanks also has that Greenie Fire, so that helps too. (lol)
I went on an exchange with our district leader Elder Bowen, and his companion Elder Nilssen, who are both serving in Laguna Beach ward, pretty much the best ward in the mission. The members are all very missionary minded, all the youth invite their friends to church, and there are some pretty spectacular views to boot. (pictures are coming in this email) It was good to have a day that didn’t include three hours of tracting… or any tracting for that matter. 🙂
This past week, our ward had a special fast for missionary work, and it was so great to have that out-pouring of faith from the members, and I know that the Lord will bless us for our diligence, and hopefully He will bless the members with some guidance in how to invite their non-member friends to church or other activities.
Well, that pretty much covers it for this week!
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

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