Aloha from Paradise!

This past week was great! Elder Hanks and I were able to teach one of the families we tracted into, (I still haven’t found out their last name, but they are the ones with member relatives). They are super nice to us missionaries, and she said she wanted to have us over for dinner sometime! Her husband (who we still haven’t met) is Latin American, so they make bomb Mexican food. We invited them to come to the ward picnic later tonight, hopefully they come!

Other than that, we have been working with a lot of less actives, and one of the ward missionaries has been helping a lot in that regard. His name is Brother Goodfellow, he’s older and retired, he has a great relationship with all the less actives that we have been trying to work with.

Also, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, MY COUSIN PEHRSON IS NOW 13!!!!! Officially a teenager, good luck buddy! Happy Birthday!

Well, that pretty much covers everything from this week!

Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

Progressing Investigators

Hey Y’all!
This week was amazing! Elder Hanks and I are really coming to love the ward, and the work is still picking up. We found two new families with lots of potential, and it was an amazing experience getting to share the Restoration with them, and the Spirit was so strong when we testified of the truths of the Restored Gospel.
The first family lives right across the street from Bishop, and they are so nice! They let us right in, and committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. *fingers crossed!*
The second family lives on the same street, and their relatives are members. They let us in, and had tons of questions about the church and what we do as missionaries, and it was a great time getting to know them.
We also met with our investigator ‘D’ and shared the parable of the sower from the Bible, and talked about faith and committed him to read Alma 32 and read the Book of Mormon every night and pray about it, so that will be interesting to see how he does with that. Please pray for him!
Other than that, we had a training meeting this week in preparation for Zone Conference next week, which will be the first Zone Conference with President Clark. I’m excited to see what will happen and who will be there, because since he has been here, we have had a lot of General Authorities visit the mission. We always have to be on our toes now! Never know when a member of the Seventy is going to walk around the corner!
Well, that’s pretty much been my week, still going strong and loving this California heat! kinda…
Love you, miss you,
Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

The Ward Fast was a Success!

Hey yall!
This week was purty gud. Nothing too crazy, just picked up 3 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!
Huge miracle from the ward fast for missionary work last week. Fasting and prayer are the ways that we access the powers of Heaven, and it definitely works.
We found all of them from tracting, which was crazy because that rarely happens. We met Charles, who is a “devout atheist” and right now the thing we are working on most with him is developing faith in God. It’s always rough working with people that have no religious background whatsoever, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that with God’s help, everything’s possible.
The other two we found are an older couple, and their nephew just joined the church a few weeks ago. When we met them they invited us in because they wanted to make sure he was making a good decision. They are “cradle Catholics”, very devout and they go every week. They definitely have lots of questions about what we believe, and we are hoping to help them at least have a better understanding of the church.
That should pretty much cover it for this week, can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me this week!
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

Tracting with a ‘Greenie Fire’ and a Ward Fast

Well hello there!
This past week has been so awesome! Elder Hanks and I have been poundin the pavement like crazy! We tracted out an entire neighborhood this week and found five potential investigators. It’s been a huge blessing and miracle to see how the Lord rewards faithful effort. Elder Hanks also has that Greenie Fire, so that helps too. (lol)
I went on an exchange with our district leader Elder Bowen, and his companion Elder Nilssen, who are both serving in Laguna Beach ward, pretty much the best ward in the mission. The members are all very missionary minded, all the youth invite their friends to church, and there are some pretty spectacular views to boot. (pictures are coming in this email) It was good to have a day that didn’t include three hours of tracting… or any tracting for that matter. 🙂
This past week, our ward had a special fast for missionary work, and it was so great to have that out-pouring of faith from the members, and I know that the Lord will bless us for our diligence, and hopefully He will bless the members with some guidance in how to invite their non-member friends to church or other activities.
Well, that pretty much covers it for this week!
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

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Training and Tracting

Hello everyone!

This past week has been a lot better than I thought it would be! I was super nervous about going to a new apartment, but I like this one way better! We are rooming with the Elders in the Laguna Niguel ward, and one of them was in my last district. His name is Elder Starr, hes pretty cool, and it’s nice to have a familiar face too!

My greenie’s name is Elder Hanks. He’s from Oklahoma, super tall and very talented at playing the piano. He’s a hard worker, likes to make bread, and has 15 siblings. (gasp)

As far as the work in our area, it’s way different from the work in Newport Beach. Lots of tracting, no investigators to speak of, even for the other Elders in our area, Elders Tree, Myers, and Fambrough. I’m excited to be working hard here! The ward is mostly elderly people, and we have more missionaries than priests in the ward, so I blessed the sacrament for the first time in like, 8 months. But the leadership in the ward really has it’s stuff together, and they are missionary minded members for sure.

Some miracles we saw this last week: Elder Hanks and I were out tracting, and at one house, someone let us in and we taught the Restoration! That’s the first time that’s ever happened to me while tracting! It was a miracle for sure, and we are hoping to keep in touch and share the rest of the Gospel with them. Another miracle we saw: we aren’t on full time bike. At transfer “meeting”, I handed in the keys to the old car I had been driving, and the vehicle coordinator handed me another set of keys! I asked him if he was sure we were getting a car (cuz that whole honesty thing? idk) and he said, “Yep! You guys have a car this transfer!” So, I don’t need to buy a bike. That’s a big blessing for sure, although Elder Hanks was excited to ride a bike. He will learn eventually.

Well, that’s about it for this week! I’m growing to enjoy training a bit more every day, lets hope I don’t screw this guy up, huh?
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom