Greetings and Salutations

Greetings and Salutations!
(that’s how one of the hilarious members in our ward says hello to us)

This week has been filled to the brim with crazy. Just like me haha! All kinds of madness with figuring out pass-off lessons with all these new investigators, which now is a total of six people that were actively being taught, and a whole mess of former investigators and less-actives. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all works out, but I know that as Elder Wu and I are diligent, we will see results and be led to miracles.

Not a whole else to talk about this week, just pluggin along! Loving the work, loving the people, just feelin the love! (oh wow I’ve become so California)

Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

Mormon Message and Bonus Investigarors

Happy Father’s Day Yesterday!
Speaking of Father’s Day, you should all go and watch this Mormon Message on Fathers:

This week, the Newport Beach 1st and 2nd wards met together on sunday and the boundaries for a few of the wards in our stake were re-drawn, and as a result, our ward got bigger. In addition to this, we got four new investigators from the 2nd ward because now they are in our ward boundaries. 😱 That’s exciting, but at the same time, more people than I have ever had to teach on my whole mission. !!! I know we will be fine, but it’s a big responsibility to take over not only a bigger area, but to help people that other missionaries have been working with.

In other news, we spent three hours yesterday out contacting, and apparently we are having a heat wave down here, so as a result, I got a little more well-done than I expected. Needless to say, I’m going to be using sunscreen more…

Well, that’s it for this week!

Elder Peter Ahlstrom

Transfers . . .

Ni Hao!

It’s transfers and I’m………..


Another six weeks in paradise with Elder Wu! Elder Prevette is home, however. The apartment has been a little more quiet without Elder Prevette singing Brad Paisley all the time, but in some ways that’s okay 😉 (I know you’re reading this Smelder)

Other than that, Elder Wu and I are still goin strong! We are going to be focusing on finding new people to teach, and re-connecting with former investigators to see if they are still interested in meeting with us. Pray us luck!

One of the pics is our district having lunch on P-day.

The other one is an incredible car that we got to ride in. It’s a Mercedes AMG GT S Edition One. Perks of being in Newport!

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Less Actives, and the Spirit of Music

Well hello there!

This past week was amazing. We have been running around a lot, helping Elder Prevette with getting ready to go home IN TWO DAYS! It’s gonna be crazy seeing him go home.

Other than that, we have been focusing a lot of our time on stopping by less active members, letting them know we love them, and see if there is anything we can do for them. It’s been awesome to see them and finally meet them. A few even came to church on Sunday!

Yesterday, we went to a Missionary Music Devotional, and it was incredible. They usually are, but this one was something special. Elder Prevette said it was the best one he has ever been to. The Spirit was so strong there, and it was focused so much on the Savior. It was awesome.

Anyways, not a whole lot else going on this week. Elder Prevette goes home Wednesday, and then it’s just Elder Wu and I for about a week! It’s going to be a little more quiet without Elder Prevette, but good none the less.

Love you, miss you,

Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom