Bringing an End to the Drought.

The drought is over! We finally have a bit of time to email! Sorry this one is a little late, yesterday was Memorial Day so the library was closed.
But first, a little re-cap of what happened the week before last:
SISTER DIN WAS BAPTIZED! It was the first baptism of my mission, and it was amazing to see! We got there early to fill up the font, and apparently the Anaheim mission comes down once a quarter to give temple tours at the Newport Beach temple, so a bunch of them were there, and I ran into someone I knew from high school, Sister Harper Forsgren! It was the most random thing ever, because I had no idea she was even on a mission. Anyways, the baptism was great, and it was a really spiritual experience.
Now, last week.
It was great. Elder Prevette had his departing interview and leaves next Wednesday. It’s going to be weird to see him go home, but at least we get to drive him to the airport! I have learned so much from him, and it has been great to get to know him.
We have also started teaching another person, Brother R. He’s pretty cool. He has come to church with us a few times. He was referred to us by a Utah number, and we got in touch with him the next day and started meeting with him about once a week. Today we are helping him out with some service! Cant wait!
But, I continue to learn more and more about the things the Lord has in store for all of us, and one amazing thing I have come to realize about Heavenly Father is that he is the same kind of person yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and that no matter what, we can always rely on Him for anything we need.
Well, that’s it for this week y’all!
Love you, miss you,
– Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

Service Overload!

Hello everyone!
This week was crazy! To start off, as I’m sure most of you know, my sister Sarah got married on Saturday to her husband Josh! I was planning on wearing the wedding tie, but we spent the whole day working at various service projects, so I only got to wear it for a few hours at a baptism!
Speaking of baptisms, we are having one THIS WEEK! It’s coming faster than I thought!
Anyways, all the service this week was because our Zone is focusing on a different part of missionary work each week for the transfer, and last week was service. So, we walked around our whole area with pass along cards, dressed in our service clothes, and telling people to call us if they need help with service. We helped with some gardening at an elementary school, sorted food at a food bank, and then spent 4 hours at the post office unloading canned food from a food drive and loading it into a truck to send to the food bank. Most of this happened Saturday, the day of the wedding, so while I didn’t get to wear the wedding tie that day, I did wear it the day before and after the wedding.
But, it felt really good to get out and do a bunch of service, because we definitely saw results from it the whole week. We met with two of our investigators, spoke with two potential investigators and were like, this close (you can’t tell, but I’m putting my fingers really close together) to setting up lessons with them. I can’t wait to see what happens next week!
Love you, miss you,
Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

Transfers and a Baptismal Date!

Hey y’all!
So, I’m not sure if I talked about this in my last email, but whatever, I’m gonna mention it again (or for the first time).
She was planning on getting baptized anyways because her records got lost in the move from the Philippines, but it’s still pretty cool! She’s getting baptized on May 21st, so that’s a ways away, but we still have to teach her a few of the lessons and go over details, but it’s there!
In other news, this week is transfers and I’m…………….
Elders Prevette and Wu are staying with me, but this is Elder Prevette’s last transfer! He flies home on June 8th, which is a week early. That’s crazy! He’s excited to be going home, but the mission is going to be weird without him. But, I’m glad that I’m at least staying in Newport! I don’t know what I’m gonna do when they make me leave, I love this place so much.
Anyways, I’m pumped for another transfer, excited to be out here doing the work.
Love you, miss you,
-Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom