Easter Overload!



This week was super-duper-fantastic-with-waaaaaaaay-too-much-candy-awesome!
(But on the real, I have so much candy. It’s overflowing the giant box I keep it in, and I’m dreading the inevitable pounds I’ll be gaining. Thank you family! 🙂


So, as you heard last week, I got a new companion, Elder Wu, from Mainland China! (Isn’t that crazy?!) So, his story is super awesome, I’ll have to share it next week or something, because I am running out of email time today! (this is the last email that I write each week)


So, on Friday, we were in a huge apartment super complex and had just finished a teaching appointment and we were trying to find our way out. As we are wandering about like it’s the Old Testament, we come across a young couple with a moving van and a dolly, and ask if we could help them with anything. They said “Oh my gosh that would be amazing!” So, we helped them unload all their furniture and get it to their appt. After, we started talking about what we do as missionaries, and they were super interested. So we left them a card with our number and an easter message, and invited them to Easter services, and they agreed to come! (sadly, we didn’t see them there, but we’re going to keep trying!)


That’s about all I’ve got this week!


Love you, miss you, pictures coming soon,
Elder Ahlstrom

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