Transfer Week!

It’s transfers and I’m…….



Staying in Newport Beach 1st Ward!

Elder Prevette and I are staying here, and were getting a 3rd companion! His name is Elder Wu, and were meeting him on Tuesday. He has done some Chinese work before, and we are helping him with his English. I’m excited to be getting another companion, and to be in a trio! I’ve heard that they are lot’s of fun, and it’s easier to teach with three of us!

Some of the people in our zone are leaving, which I’m not excited for. We all got really close as a zone, (which is rare) and it’s just going to be different without some of them here. One of them, Sister Weber, got her visa and will be going to her real mission in Italy, and she’s super duper excited. She’s an artist, and she wrote us all letters and drew on the front of the envelopes, so I’ll send a picture of mine. It’s pretty cool.

So, in more gospel related news, our zone went on exchanges for a day, and I went with Elder Starr from Idaho. We got along really well, and in the process of tracting and contacting, we handed out five copies of the Book of Mormon!!(It’s rare to hand out more than three in five days, so WOOT) It was really cool to finally see some results from the work we have been putting in, and it was nice to finally be able to talk to people about our beliefs.

Well, not much else to report here! Keep your heads up, and keep praying! The Lord really does bless us for our obedience. Remember who you are and where you are going!

Love you, miss you,
-Elder Jon Peter Ahlstrom

The pictures are of our zone on P-day, Elder Lomwe. He’s Marshallese and is hilarious. The last picture is of that letter I mentioned above. Pretty cool.

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