Kick in the Pants

Yokwe and Aloha!
(That first one is Marshallese btw)

This week has been pretty cool, even though that baptism didn’t happen. 😦 it’s pretty sad-face, but it only didn’t happen because Brother Tinder hasn’t actually met with the Stake President yet, even though someone told us he did. But, Elder Prevette and I are going to get ahold of the Stake Pres. soon and get this train rolling! Bro. Tinder has made so much progress even since the last time we met with him! He has been smoke free for over 30 days, which is huge! And every time we talk to him, he is always telling us how much he wants to be baptized and have the Holy Ghost in his life again. So, he’s close, and it will happen soon!

So remember I said I was sick last week? Well, I’m feeling much better, but my comp has caught what I had, so we took a day or two to rest and study and kind of re-fill our tanks, because after being sick for three weeks I was pretty wiped out! But, now we’re back at it and have a couple of referrals to contact, so we’ve got our work cut out for us!

So, last week I told you that I had a cool story to tell, and I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet. Over the week, I’ll try to write it out, but I’m running out of time to email here, so I guess I’ll have to cut this one short! Sorry!

I just wanted to leave you all with a quick little KICK IN THE PANTS!!! Members are missionaries too!!! You all have a call to help further the work, and if you are an RM you have it easy! Just remember the things you helped members to do on your mission, and do them yourself! Sharing the gospel is supposed to be scary, because that is the ADVERSARY working on you and trying to stop you! Don’t be pushy about it, all you have to do is invite them when the spirit directs you to. This is easier than it sounds! Pray for guidance and opportunities to share the gospel, and when you get promptings, act on them. There. Boom. I just changed your life, you’re welcome. That will be one dollar please! (no, don’t send me money, jkjk)

But for real, members are full time finders! Help your missionaries! They need your help, and if you can’t think of anyone you can share the gospel with, think again! And if that doesn’t work, go and find someone that maybe is less-active, and just fellowship them. Be their friend and do your part in helping them come closer to Christ, and you will see miracles happen. I promise you this, and leave you with my testimony that everything happens in the Lord’s timing. He is at the head of this church, and he knows the details of our lives. Put your trust in Him, and he will put His trust in you. I leave you with this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Peter Ahlstrom


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