Aloha! (Everyone in the mission says that a lot here, even though we’re not in Hawaii)

This week has been just a little slow, it feels like we aren’t seeing lots of results from the work we are doing, but maybe that’s just me having to adjust my expectations a little. When I got out here, I thought we would be teaching lessons every other day and getting baptisms every other week, but that’s just not the case for this mission. The members are amazing and take such great care of us, and are trying to help us find people that we could teach, so hopefully that will start to yield some results.

Maybe I should specify. The WORK has gone slow, but the WEEK went by super fast. It’s crazy to think that I have already been out here for a whole month! Someone said something a while ago that I really like, that “weeks are days, and days are weeks” meaning that if you look back at the end of a week, it seems like things flew by, but if you look back at the end of a day, you can remember so much more that happened, so it seems like you had more time. Hurts your brain to think about, huh? Time is weird, guys.

So, crazy stories for this week, last night we were over at a member’s house for dinner, and they have two cute kids. So, we had burritos with mac and cheese in them, (which is delicious, btw) and at the end Elder Prevette and I decide to teach the Restoration. At the end of the lesson, I’m sharing my testimony and I’m talking about how even though I was raised as a member of the church, I didn’t have my own testimony until I was about 16, and I was sharing with their daughter that she didn’t have to wait until she was older to know that this is true, she could find out now. So, as he is walking us out to our car, he tells us that she is actually his step-daughter, and that she isn’t a member, even though she comes to church. She was ready to be baptized, but a few days before her baptism her dad said he didn’t want her to be baptized. WHAT?! Looking back at it now, I normally wouldn’t have spoken directly to anyone, but I felt a prompting to speak to her about that. I’m grateful that the Lord answered my prayers to help me know what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to.

So, guess what everyone? Still no pictures this week. I know, I know, you want to see what my apartment looks like and the crazy people in our mission, but I still have no way to get them off my camera! It will be here soon, so next week for sure!

Love you, miss you, I love being a missionary,

Elder Ahlstrom


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