Elder Ahlstrom’s Arrival in California

I made it! So I got on the plane, and our seats were in the very back of the plane. Almost as soon as I sat down I fell asleep, and then half way through the flight I woke up and have been awake since. We landed and were on our way to the baggage claim, and then BAM! We met our mission president, President Orgill, and his wife. The rest of the presidency was there, as well as the AP’s and STL’s. We took some pictures, then loaded our baggage in our cars and drove to the mission office, which is in a double-chapel stake center. It’s like a maze, if you were wondering. There was another Elder, Elder Vaipulu. He came here almost straight from Tonga. He is a little shy, (mostly because he thinks he doesn’t know enough English, but he’s fine). He and I are temporary companions until we meet our trainers later.

I met with President Orgill and found out who my trainer is (haven’t met him yet), and I’m so excited to finally be here! It’s a little weird to look outside and see so much green in January, but that is a nice change from the freezing ice-box that is Provo, Utah. The church building here is so nice, and I can only assume that the members here will be too. (I’m sure they are, but you never know).

Anyways, I’m glad to finally be here, and I cannot wait to meet the people and get busy serving the Lord! I love you all, and I love being a missionary!


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